First and foremost I am a teacher. I teach Digital Photography at Union High School in Vancouver, Washington. Union is the newest high school in Vancouver, and I was lucky enough to start up the Digital Arts program. I am very lucky in that I can teach what I am passionate about.

If you want to see some of my students’ work, you can check out our instagram page -

I am also a photographer. I started seriously learning photography in 1996. I was planning a trip through India and SE Asia and decided it would be a perfect opportunity to get into travel photography. I bought a used Canon A1, a couple lenses, a couple books, lots of film(yes film) and headed off with my two good friends for a 7 month trip around the world. After that trip, I was hooked and I’ve been capturing images, learning, and growing as a photographer ever since. I love wedding and event photography, street photography, landscape photography, macro photography and just about any other kind of photography you can think of. I also have a very large collection of functional film and polaroid cameras.

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